Post-Philippine Web Awards Supplement: Pictures from the Awards night

Originally published in the Computerworld Philippines/The Web in their post-2001 Philippine Web Awards supplement on December 10, 2001

Post-Philippine Web Awards Supplement

Ronald Guanzon of


Cheryl “inday” Fuerte of, Pinky Webb and Guz Lagman


Representatives from the Philippine National Red Cross, TV host Daphne Osena and COMDDAP president Wesley Ngo


Jim Ayson from receives his awards from Daphne Osena and Wesley Ngo
Representatives from with Wesley Ngo and Daphne Osena.
A representative from “Will I be in time for the webbies?” together with Akiko Thompson and Philippine Internet Service Organization (PISO) president JR Contreras
Representative from with Delia Castaneda Gutierrez and Vince Hizon
Representative from the Sacred Shroud with Delia Castaneda Gutierrez and Vince Hizon.


A representative from NBA Shootout with Delia Gutierrez and Vince Hizon


A representative from Skylight with Akiko Thompson and JR Contreras


Petite Garces and team of with Daphne Osena and Wesley Ngo