Magsaysay is Web Awards’ Internet Man of the Year

Originally published in the Computerworld Philippines’ The 3rd Philippine Web Awards Supplement, November 20, 2000.

For his untiring sponsorship of the Electronic Commerce Act
Magsaysay is Web Awards’ Internet Man of the Year

FOR his untiring efforts to get the Electronic Commerce Act signed into law, Senator Ramon 8. Magsaysay Jr. has been chosen as the 3rd Philippine Web Awards’ Internet Man of the Year.

The award, a new feature in the annual Philippine Web Awards, is given 10 the man or woman who, during the year in review, contributed most significantly to the promotion of Internet use in the country.

“There is no doubt that, for this year, e-commerce was the biggest reason for the dramatic rise in the Internet usage m the country. Especially among Philippine business enterprises,” says William L. Chua, president of WS Computer Publishing Corporation, the producer of the Philippine Web Awards. “Thus, for being the most vocal proponent of the e-commerce law, Senator Magsaysay was the unanimous choice to win the award.”

Chua will give the award, a special Philippine Web Awards trophy, to the senator during the Awards Night ceremonies that will be held at the Makati Shangri-La on November 24, 2000.

“I feel proud and honored to be chosen Internet Man of the Year by this “very prestigious Internet awards body,” Magsaysay says “Having practiced engineering and technology for many years, I have always been interested in applied new technologies, particularly in their application in business and government to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public service.”

The E-Commerce Act, also known as Republic Act No. 8792, is the merged version of Senate Bill No. 1902 and House Bill No. 9971. Magsaysay was the primary author and sponsor of the Senate bill, while Representatives Leandro Verceles Jr. and Marcial Punzalan Jr. were the main sponsors of the House version. The act was signed into law by President Joseph Estrada last June 14, 2000.

“I simply herded and kept pushing for the e-commerce bill with our good colleague, m the Senate for 18 months.” explains Magsaysay. “Our country can now be counted among the fast developing new economics where information technology plays a big role in economic performance.”